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A variety of brand-name handbags flagship fur dyed bright mosaic structure is enough IN

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Fur elements gradually thawed in recent seasons, and the more flexible, joining together with thin fabric, dyeing, mixing new design methods, such as the fur presents multiple style luxury. Ponder and exquisite craft, the details of the create structure in the new leather handbags.
Will fur bags into the "vegetable basket", such a surprising originality, I am afraid, only like "galeries lafayette," the higher-ups figure will dare to take out a big show. Karl Lagerfeld (Karl unabashed Lagerfeld) with a unique sense of humor clever interpretations of the elements in the daily life, even the fur the same top material is bold restructuring, with the words of classic black, red and navy blue Chanel in leather handbags, ponder, rich, dynamic.
Ribbon, cutting, Giorgio Armani to multiple complex fur technology used in the production of the bags, and other materials into stripe leather handbags, clever contains a popular point, have to admire Armani ability to command the trend. Again this design, easy tie-in dress, and everyone can harness, mature and chic.
Speaking of fur, natural to look at Fendi, this season is full of wind, structure and irregular joining together. Karl Lagerfeld (Karl unabashed Lagerfeld) fused geometry, color, fur, and motion style to a new level, especially that a piece of red maomao, proper ornament on the package, added a sense of art.
Fur is always Fendi every season shows the main stars, become a whole series of main material, different color fur along with the gender together, form a new visual effect, will costly and movement through the fur material brings fresh again.
Contracted design ga color hand bag with the same color of the original style bracelet set each other off becomes an interest, flying fur flying bursts of gypsy amorous feelings, dyed fur ornament, more administrative levels in color.
Minimalist pure hand bag, contracted and not simple, is the joker recommended in winter, under the mapping of diamond rings and adornment feels more luxurious.
Soft fur metal collision that fasten with color, with fine technique into suture, stunning the feminine qualities. The most special is the tail, modelling is lovely, feel warm.
Relative to Valentino garment romantic atmosphere, this bag is more practical, added a flavour restoring ancient ways around the black fur.
The whole series of fabric used is also very big, even full of Balenciaga bag (Balenciaga) has always been for the characteristic style of architecture. Overall linear contour with furs, bold experiment as king Alexander (Alexander Wang) in the hands of Balenciaga (Balenciaga) bring a strong feeling of aura and energy.

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