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Handmade custom leather industry blowing wind unique sought

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Customized handbags
30 years old chap wang want to send his girlfriend a unique birthday gift, finally eyes rested on the leather order: handmade objects is delicate and not "bump face", also can engrave your own logo.
Handmade leather from the earliest, and development to industrial production, now take a circle back to the "private tailored", and the walk is in the high-end line. Among them, custom-made leather strap, the most popular people are also more stores.
To do a purse to more than 10 hours
Yesterday afternoon, the station, a manual leather custom shop guy zhang Jiao after 80 is for a black leather wallet bag, this is his goods for shop goods. "Cow back skin the hardest, the quality of a material is the best." zhang Jiao took out a piece of leather, with silver pen sketching on leather, after cutting, purse the parts contour appeared. Next, he was "chop" and mallet in leather punch out sewing thread hole, light this procedure, it took three hours.
Finished hole, zhang Jiao with vegetable sponge dipped in glue, for leather bag, air good again the next day after sewing, metal finishing, etc. Zhang Jiao said, if you don't eat not to drink without sleep, more than 10 hours to make a purse.
The workmanship hardware cost is higher
Zhang Jiao engaged in manual leather industry has been 3 years. Because love taking pictures, and I don't like SLR camera to take, he do it himself a leather wristbands, and thenceforth has interest on the leather by hand, straight-tempered self-study handmade, custom-made leather goods for others.
In anshan, custom-made leather is finished product price slightly high. Zhang Jiao is introduced, in addition to "money for", leather, hardware cost is high. The assembly line is mass production, custom-made leather hardware could be orphan works. Zhang Jiao line by "cut", 4 put up to 700 yuan, patchy tool added up to nearly 3000 yuan.
Customer who "manual work"
A recent years, more and more guests begin to pay close attention to custom handmade leather goods. Zhang Jiao think, this is a return of traditional consumption.
Jiao zhang said that there was a middle-aged customers to order the purse, let the store two master hand respectively on the purse stitch an car line, the customer's reason is: "one thousand who is famous in the future, become the master, that he made this wallet is valuable."
Consumers to custom-made leather, see the manual work, the more willing to trade. Citizens Wu Yuwei tells a reporter, she ordered a PAD in February package, spent 300 multivariate, although there are many different kinds of PAD package on market, she still prefers to have qualitative feeling, is never out of season hand-made leather goods.
Strap "affordable" zero wallet not cost-effective
Zhang Jiao, said he's orders, the leather strap is the most popular. A watch is in 5000 yuan price, original leather strap to 700 yuan, manual order price is in 300 yuan, the quality is as good as original. If it is custom-made zero wallet, the price is not so "of qiao", 80-120 yuan price is only leather popular price, and even slightly higher than the same kind of goods.
For the future development of custom-made leather, zhang Jiao said, consumers will gradually agree and continue to focus on, in addition, because the manual leather sweat condensed the craftsmen, custom-made leather in the future is still to go high-end line.

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